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Top 10 Hepatitis B Downloads of the Month

Updated November 18, 2013

HCSP publishes a variety of Educational Materials which you can download and use in your community.

Each month we will post the top 10 downloads of the month.

Just click on the pdf icon next to the title you want

1. How to Interpret Hepatitis B Antibody & Viral Tests (719 hits)

2. Hepatitis Basics: Hepatitis B Antigen and Antibody Tests (624 hits)

3. How to Interpret and Understand Liver Tests (387 hits)

4. What Is HBV DNA and How Is It Measured? (342 hits)

5. Easy B Facts: What Is the "e" Antigen (HBeAg)? (269 hits)

6. HBV: Testing Positive for Hepatitis B, Now What? (263 hits)

7. Bệnh viêm gan B là gì? (HBV FAQ Vietnamese) (225 hits)

8. Preventing Hepatitis B at Home and in Personal Care Settings (196 hits)

9. Which Hepatitis B Drug Treatment to Use First (140 hits)

10. Grading and Staging a Liver Biopsy (136 hits)

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