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Hepatitis B Training Workshops

In 2010 The Hepatitis C Support Project (HCSP) launched a national program to educate HBV service providers, patients, and the general public about hepatitis B.  The workshops will focus on HBV service providers with a goal of educating individuals who can then educate and provide support and services to their respective communities. The areas targeted for HCSP’s first series of outreach educational programs are large metropolitan areas in the United States.  The goal of HCSP’s HBV Workshops is to reach communities at risk for hepatitis B in order to raise the level of HBV awareness and education.  Click here to see locations of trainings and here to see maps of past and future trainings.

About the Training Workshops
The HBV Workshop is an intensive 4 hour workshop that will provide the necessary knowledge and tools for people to go out into their respective communities and educate others about hepatitis B. The topics covered in the workshop include:

  • The Liver
  • HBV Transmission and Prevention
  • HBV Diagnostic Tools
  • HBV Symptoms, Disease Progression and Disease Management
  • HBV Medical Treatment

Workshop participants who successfully complete the training will have acquired the necessary information to educate others about HBV.   The training workshop will also include a discussion on potential barriers to care and it will also include a brainstorming session to discuss breaking down some of those barriers to care with strategies that will increase the quality of and access to HBV education, support and care.



Schedule for Hepatitis B Training Workshops



  • September 25—Honolulu, HI—For more info click here



  • December 9—Hilo, HI—For more info click here
  • February 16—Houston, TX
  • April 27—Boston, MA



  • February 2—Sacramento, CA
  • April 6—Portland, OR
  • May 3—Sacramento, CA
  • May 26—Philadelphia, PA
  • June 30—Honolulu
  • August—Minnesota






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