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Fact Sheets

This site includes links to files you can view online or print. To download and print information, you will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Download it free.


Welcome to HCSP hepatitis B Fact Sheet Web page. The three different types of fact sheets are geared towards different audiences depending on their need or requirement for information. The Fact Sheets range from short, easy to understand, but relevant information to the more technical aspects of hepatitis B.


Hepatitis B

Easy B's (English)

HBV Fact Series (English)

FDA Package Inserts

Guidelines & Recommendations


PDF A Basic Guide to Hepatitis B
PDF A Guide to Hepatitis and Disability


General Information
PDF A Simple Guide to Reading an Abstract
PDF Frequently Asked Questions about Hepatitis B
PDF Hepatitis A: What You Need to Know


Easy B's

General Information
PDF Acute Hepatitis B July 2015
PDF Chronic Hepatitis B July 2015
PDF What is Hepatitis A? July 2015
PDF What is Hepatitis B? July 2015
PDF HBV - HCV Coinfection
PDF 100 Infants July 2015
PDF 100 Adults July 2015
PDF The Liver July 2015
PDF Whom Should I Tell? July 2015

Diagnostic Tools & Markers
PDF What Is AFP? July 2015
PDF What Is ALT? July 2015
PDF What Do Antigens & Antibodies Mean? July 2015
PDF HBeAg-Negative Hepatitis B July 2015
PDF What Is the "e" antigen (HBeAG)? July 2015
PDF What is an HBV Genotype? July 2015
PDF Liver Biopsy
PDF What is HBV Viral Load? July 2015

Disease Management
PDF Hepatitis B and Alcohol July 2015
PDF What is Cirrhosis? July 2015
PDF Diet July 2015
PDF Feeling Tired July 2015
PDF Liver Cancer July 2015

Staying Healthy
PDF Top 10 Healthy Habits
PDF Herbs July 2015
PDF The Immune System July 2015
PDF Natural and Alternative Medicine July 2015
PDF Sleep July 2015
PDF Vibrio

PDF HBV Transmission and Prevention
PDF Gay Men, Sex & HBV
PDF Hygiene Items & HBV July 2015
PDF Mother-to-Child Transmission July 2015
PDF Needle Exchange July 2015
PDF Piercing & HBV July 2015
PDF Sex and Hepatitis B
PDF Hepatitis B & Tattoos
PDF Hepatitis & Tattoos Website
PDF Tattoos: Don't Get More Than Just a Tattoo

PDF Hepatitis B Treatment
PDF What Are Antivirals?
PDF What Is Pegylated Interferon?
PDF Help with Medicines
PDF Medication Guide
PDF Taking HBV Medicines

HBV Fact Series

General Information
PDF HBV: What is Acute Hepatitis B?
PDF Hepatitis B: The Basics
PDF Stress and the Liver
PDF Testing Positive for Hepatitis B: Now What?

Diagnostic Tests
PDF HBV: How to Interpret (and Understand) Your Liver Tests
PDF HBV: How to Interpret Hepatitis B Antibody & Viral Tests
PDF HBV: Liver Biopsy
PDF HBV: Grading and Staging a Liver Biopsy
PDF What Is HBV DNA and How Is It Measured?

Education and Support
PDF When to Disclose Your HBV Infection
PDF How to Tell Children They Have Hepatitis
PDF Getting Disability Benefits under Social Security

HBV Disease Management
PDF How Frequently to Monitor Your Hepatitis B

HBV Transmission / Prevention
PDF HBV: Preventing Hepatitis B at Home and in Personal Care Settings
PDF HBV: Preventing Mother-to-Child Hepatitis B Infection
PDF What Are the Occupational Risks of Hepatitis B?

HBV Treatment
PDF How to Evaluate a Clinical Trial
PDF Managing HBV Treatment Side Effects
PDF What Happens When Drug Resistance Develops?
PDF When Is Treatment Needed?
PDF Which Hepatitis B Drug Treatment to Use First
PDF Pregnancy Drug Categories
PDF Reporting Drug Side Effects
Tips for Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Package Inserts
PDF Baraclude (entecavir) Package Insert
PDF Hepsera (adefovir) Package Insert
PDF Intron A Package Insert
PDF Lamivudine (epivir) Package Insert
PDF Pegasys Package Insert
PDF Tyzeka (telbivudine) Package Insert
PDF Viread (tenofovir) Package Insert


Guidelines and Recommendations

PDF U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement for Hepatitis B (2014)


PDF NICE: Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Hepatitis B (2013)


PDF CDC Guidance for Evaluating Health-Care Personnel for Hepatitis B Virus Protection and for Administering Postexposure Management (2013)


PDF EASL Clinical Practice Guidelines: Management of chronic hepatitis B virus infection (2012)


Chronic Hepatitis B: Update 2009


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