Diagnostic Tools:  Various tests to diagnose and manage hepatitis B including various biochemical markers, imaging, liver biopsy for grading/staging liver disease and HBV DNA (viral load) tests




·        460. The Performance of the AST-to-Platelet Ratio Index as a Noninvasive Marker of Fibrosis in Pediatric Patients with Chronic Viral Hepatitis.

·        515. Analyzing HBV-DNA in Liver Tissue for Investigation of Unexplained ALT Elevation in HBsAg Positive Patients with Undetectable Serum HBV-DNA

·        836. Liver Stiffness Measurement and Serum Markers for Predicting Significant Fibrosis in Chronic Hepatitis B

·        840. Is Liver Biopsy Required for All Patients (pts) with HBeAg-negative (HBeAg-) Chronic HBV Infection and HBV DNA <20,000 IU/mL?

·        846. Usefulness of Serum Markers for Predicting Liver Cirrhosis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B

·        850. Limited Value of Single ALT Determination for Assessing Chronic Hepatitis B

·        891. A Novel Three-Dimensional Culture System of Immortalized Hepatocytes; Assessment on HBV Vaccine Escape Mutant Strain Infectivity and on Ability of anti-PreS2 to Prevent the Infection

·        899. Utility of Liver Stiffness Measured by Transient Elastography for Determining Significant Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B

·        933. Hepascore: A Mon-invasive Marker for Advanced Fibrosis and Response to Antiviral Therapies in Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

·        934. Quantitative Assessment of Serum HBsAg Level Using the Elecsys® HBsAg II Screening Assay: Results of a feasibility study

·        939. Changes in Liver Stiffness During Entecavir Therapy in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B

·        947. Development of Kinetic Amplification-Based Assay for Detection and Quantification of HBV DNA

·        958. Quantitative HBsAg Titer Correlates Well with HBV DNA Level in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients

·        964. Rapid, Reliable and Cost-effective Detection of Hepatitis B Virus in Human Plasma

·        973. Usefulness of Liver Biopsy in Chronic HBV with Normal Transaminases in an European Setting: High prevalence of advanced liver fibrosis and cirrhosis

·        975. Do Serum ALT and Quantitative HBV DNA Levels Predict Histologic Activity in Patients with Decompensated Cirrhosis? Analysis in an explanted liver

·        987. Clinical Usefulness of Liver Stiffness Measurement in HBeAg-positive Chronic Hepatitis B Patients with ALT Level < 2 Times Upper Limit of Normal

·        988. Application of Magnetic Bead-based Proteomic Fingerprinting Technology to the Detection of Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B Infection